Teaching Emerging Media Design and Technologies using a Socio-Technical Lens

Faculty,Media Arts and Sciences

Srishti Manipal Institute of Art Design and Technology

Course Title Content
Creative Coding (Bdes, Creative and Applied Computation) Fundamentals of Algorithmic Design,Sensor Hardware and Interfacing, Computer Vision and Image Processing and Interactive Sound Environments
Multimodal Interaction(BDes, Industrial Art and Design Practices) History of Human Machine Interaction, Studies in Multi-sensory Cognition (Visual, Auditory, Haptic), Design and Evaluation of Multi Modal Interfaces.
Information Visualization Data and Signal Analysis/Processing methods, Studies in Visual Cognition, Interactive Visualizations.
Mixed Reality(BDes, Creative and Applied Computation) Speculative Design and Implementation of Mixed Reality interfaces, Studies in Audio-Visual Cognition as applied to Virtual Reality, Narrative based Mixed Reality Design, Techniques in Interactive Projection Mapping.
Workshops and Projects Miscellaneous 2 week / 5 week intense Workshops to semester long projects to provide a creative opportunity for the contextual applications of skills.

Teaching Associate, School of Arts, Technology and Emerging Communication

The University of Texas at Dallas

Course Title Description
Writing for ATEC (Formerly, Digital Content Design) - Instructor on Record ATCM3301 Students gain competency in four areas: art and design, computer programming, business/marketing, and writing/communication. The course blends theory and practice to increase the effectiveness of text prepared for digital media.
Introduction to Technocultures : TA to Dr Anne Balsamo (ATCM 2300) In this foundational course students considered the complex relationship between technology and culture. Through the study of evocative objects, they raise questions about the history, impact, and implications of the co-evolution of technology and society.